Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Yours. (TaeNy)

 I'm so nervous. New school , New house , New friend , New Uniform school.
All is new.. I was scared to go in. Will I Have friend? My heart say no.. I study in many school before.. But I don't have many friend.. THis is my fifth school.. Will this school change my life?. Will I have friend that will always by my side? I don't know... I'm walking.. Seems like everyone looking at me..  "Oh? Is she new? " "Will she be popular?" "How old is her?" I can hear many question.. I'm just walking.. I don't care. Suddenly found my class. I can see 3 - 4 student there. Nobody care about me that standing infront the door. "Fuhhh." Suddenly , I realised they are someone that smiling at me.She look like someone. " She's smiling at me?  Oh gosh what a nice start." I was scared to go in. Where should I sit? Suddenly the bell ringing.. All student go to their class. Nobody realised I was there. I Still standing in front the door. I feel stupid. What should I do. Suddenly there are a teacher come. She look at me and... "You're the new student?" "Yes I am. It's nice to meet you" "Me as well.. COme in" I come in. All student suddenly silence. All of them looking at me. "This is our new student. She's from Jeonju.. Can u introduce yourself?" "Sure" I'm shaking.. I'm so scared.. "Hello. My Name Is Kim Taeyeon. I'm From Jeonju . Nice to meet u guys" "THere she is.. Now you can sit at..................." PLease.. Let me sit with girl that smile at me before.. PLease.. ! "Sit with Siwon Choi." No way.. Boy? Haisss..
I look at the boy. Sit with this man? THis is life.. Nice at the beggining doesn't mean it's going to be nice in the middle too..==" " Stop staring at me and just sit down."
"Okay" What a scary men.

Rest time.

Again i'm sitting alone. I didn't go to eat. I didn't even know where is canteen. Suddenly, girl that smiling at me come in. She look at me and smile She have a really pretty eyed smile. I want it :P


I'm bored. I Don't want to sleep. What to do. I go downstair. My mum and my sister Jessica is baking a cake. My little sister Sunny play with her doll. "Ehh? You here.. " My sister jessica shock. " What make u shock. I'm not ghost." "Nothing. How ur school?" "I still can't comment.. Btw I think I wanna go out. " "SUre.

Yeah . This is me. What I know is walking.walking..walking.. Suddenly I found a mini market. I want to go there. Maybe there are something that I can buy. I go in. There are strawberry milk that grab my attention. The cover is really cute. I want it. I go paid for it. I go out. Oh no it's raining. I didn't bring umbrella. I sit on the bus stand. Yeahh! Strawberry milk. I start drinking it. Yuck! I think I just wasted my money! It's not nice.. I feel like want to cry. The strawberry milk is really not nice! It's a little bit sour. Suddenly " You want to taste my strawberry milk?" Oh Gosh! It was my classmate. The girl who smile at me.  "We meet again " Again I Saw her eyed smile."Yeah"... "What happen to your strawberry milk?" "It taste bad. JUst the cover is cute." " Haha.., That's why don't judge something by the cover." "Btw , I'm Tiffany..Tiffany Hwang" " oH! I'm " "You Kim Taeyeon! Hhah! I Know it!" Again! It was her pretty eyed smile. I fee like i want to take picture of her eyed smile and make it as my wallpaper! arggghhh!

After the incident. Me and Tiffany is a best friend now.

Siwon is really annoying.. But what can I do.. Tiffany have crush on him.
Tae arr! U want to know I send Siwon a letter. I tell him that I like him.. I hope he like me too! "He will !!" I said that!
"Tae tae arr.. Can I know why the first time u came here.. U look a little bit scared? "Oh? ... I was scared if I was in a wrong class." I lie to fany.. That's not the real reason why I was scared.. I feel bad and guilty.

I can't sleep.. I keep think about what I have done to Fany! Taeyeon Kim! You lie to your best friend!! I open my wallet. There are a pretty girl picture there.. She MI Young. My best friend... My best friend that never comeback. My best friend that lie to me.. I'm crying.. I miss her.. I close my eyes and try to sleep..

Today! I'll tell Fany the truth why I'm scared. Yes I'll! Btw.. I also want to know the result.. I hope siwon love fany too!

I come in. It's Fany. I smile at her.. At the same time I try to copy her eyed smile. She 's  staring at me. She start to cry and run away. I'm shock. What happen? What happen ! Fanyy!!!! Suddenly Siwon call me. "I'll tell you what happen. I reply to Fany letter. I say I didn't love her because I love someone.." Who? Who make siwon love him? Who? I'll kill that person!! Siwon continued " It's .........You." I shock! No!!! You lie to me! How can you love me! Tiffany much better than me!! No!

I'm crying.. I'm a betrayed.. Tiffany I'm sorry!! I try to find tiffany. Suddenly Mi Young picture fall. Wind brinng the picture to the road. I go to take it. Suddenly , there are lorry . I was to scared until i can't do anything. I close my eyes.. Someone push me away! I open my eyes. It's fany! Fany saved my lived.! But fany.................................... Tiffany i'm sorry! Don't leave... I'm a dumb. Why did you
saved me!!!

Suddenly , Mi young was on my mind.


MI Young : Tae arr .. If I die.. Will you still call me as your best friend?
Taeyeon : What are you saying? You promise me that u never leave me.. How can u say that.


Jessica : Taeyeon arr..
Taeyeon : Yeah why ?

Jessica : I have something to tell you. Please be strong.
Taeyeon : What is it? You make me scare.

Jessica start to cry.

Jessica : Mi Young.. passed away today.. Because of brain cancer...

Taeyeon : What? U....l..i.e..
I can't continued my words..

Jessica : She want me to give you this letter before she die...

Dear KIm Taeyeon ,

My best friend , MY dorky friend...
I'm sorry.. I can't be with you anymore. This is live..If the beginning is good doesn't mean it's going to be good until the last.. Be strong.. I still be with you.. I hope u still call me a best friend after all.. Sorry I lie to you.. I  have brain cancer. I don't want you to worried about me..Have a happy live.. Be your bestfriend is the best thing that ever happen in my life.

-Mi Young

*FlashBack End*

I close my diary. Fany Calling for me.  "Tae arrr!! Let's take picture together!!! Fast!!!"

"Okay! Kim Taeyeon is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Fany.. Your mine. :) I'm Yours.
After All.. We are Taeny <3

PS : Sorry for the bad english. At least u understand ^^

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