Sunday, December 26, 2010

Like A Star .

Like A Star .

Lee JunKi


Lee Gi Kwang


Dong Woon

On the morning.. All of them go to school.. Taeyeon ,Gi Kwang and Juyeon (Neighbour)..
For the first time because that was new school..

Taeyeon : Wahhh! Really great! This school is really great!!

Gi Kwang : Whoaaaa Noona! I'm going to study hard!

Juyeon : Cehh! If this school ugly then u not going to study hard? Don't become stupid..:P

Gi Kwan : Arasso.. Hizz.. You are just the same like ur mother.. Bla Bla and Bla..!

Juyeon : Yahhhh!

Taeyeon :Kwang arr! Juyeon Ahhh! Don't fight!

Suddenly , All the girl student ran to a  black beautiful car.

Taeyeon : Oh..? Wae?

Juyeon : I'll take a look.. Wait..

After That.. Juyeon Blushing..

Gi Kwang : Hisshhh.. Why with you??

Taeyeon : Oh!! Why?

Juyeon : I Know them.. They are a popular student here..!!

Taeyeon: No way! This is new school ..How can already popular!

Gi Kwang : Wait.. I Think I See Them Somewhere.. Ermmmm.. Oh!!!!!!!!!

Juyeon : What What?

 Gi Kwang:Ermm.. No Idea..==

Taeyeon : Yahh! Don't be like this! Haizz!

Gi Kwang : Mianhae..

JuYeon : ;Let's go to class!!! Palli!!!


Taeyeon : Neomu Yeppuda! Our class is really cute!

Juyeon : Ohhhh!!! Let's sit there!

Taeyeon : Kwang Arr!! Take care of yourself..! Bye!

JuYeon : Ohh!Q Bye!

Gi Kwang : Arasso.. Annyeonggiheseoyo!


Taeyeon : I Want to sit here!!!!!!

Juyeon : Ermm! Yeah!! Love it!

Suddenly , Two boys come.. "The popular students"
Both of them sit infront Tae And Juyeon...

Juyeon : OmO! It's them!!!

Taeyeon : Haizzzz! What to do!

Juyeon : Ohghhh! Taengoo arr!! U Love them too?

Taeyeon : Aniyo!!!

Juyeon : So why u worried?

Taeyeon : They are Tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Can't see anything from here! Arrrrgggghhhhhh!

One Of that boy looking at TaeYeon.....

Be Continued..