Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Taeyeon!

Taeyeon! Happy New Year To You..:))
Hope u always happy in SNSD!
I'll Always loving you!
Btw , i think i'll stop writing Fanfic for this time although like a star still didn't done yet.. School will start. I Need to study! I Was lazy writing fanfic too.. hahaha
I Hate going to school expecially when math time,, it's boring like crazy... btw , my new Pencilbox got u there. i put ur badge there.. hehehe

Taeyeon..btw do you like this picture? i edit this pic for Taeyeon wallpaper contest atb Taeyeon`s world.. But i'm soooooo sad... I didn't win :( But it's okay.. cuz my editing bad.. but i was really hoping that u still like it! this is!

Do you like it?

Btw.. Pretty Taeng!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 4

*Taeyeon go to Supermarket*

Taeyeon : Wahhh! My Favourite icecream! Just one left! Take it fast yeahhhhh!!!

*But when Taeyeon Take it..There are someone that do the same too*

Taeyeon : I Want It!

*Taeyeon look at that people*

Taeyeon & DongWoon : You?!!?

DongWoon : Hahaha..We meet again ya.. 

Taeyeon : Ohh.. You Dong Woon..

Dong Woon : You Want This Icecream?

Taeyeon : Yeahhhhh! Really2 want!

Dong Woon : Sure , But ....

Taeyeon : What?

DongWoon : Let's go to park and eat ice cream with me?

Taeyeon : Eat this ice cream together?

Dong Woon : No.. Hahah I'll buy another one.. Ok?

Taeyeon : Ohhh..... But Don't bring...TroubleJun?

Dong Woon : TroubleJun?

Taeyeon : I Mean JunKi..

Dong Woon : Hahah.. Sure.. Why i want to bring him on our first date.. hahaha

Taeyeon : Date?


They are in the Park.

Taeyeon : Can I Ask you one thing?

Dong Woon : Sure:)

Taeyeon : Ok.. Why u said we date? Why u kind to me? Are not u hate me? Are not u JunKi Friend?

DongWoon : Hey Wait :: I Though u going to ask just "ONE" Thing? hahaha

Taeyeon : Oppsss Sorry...

Dong Woon : It's okay.. I'm just joking about the DATE Thing.. Don't take it seriously.. Kind? I'm really kind u know.. haha.. Just that i want to answer.. haha 

Taeyeon : Ohh...just that? ok..ok

Dong Woon : Ermm.. Btw what is TroubleJun?

Taeyeon : Hahaha.,.. That was nickname that i made for him.. hahah

Dong Woon : Hahah really? Make me one too?

Taeyeon : Ermm.... LiarDong?

DongWoon : Liar? No Way?

Taeyeon : Yes way.. hahahaha Because i still don't know u good or not.. 

DongWoon : Ok..! But change it when u know me already ok?

Taeyeon : OK.. 

DongWoon : I'll give you WeirdoTae as a nickname..

Taeyeon: But why?

Dong Woon : U Sit With JunKi is it? Many people like him but u trying to run from him.. i think u know that he is musician.

Taeyeon : Yeah... I Know it.. But.. I Don't know.. Nothing nice with him.. so i don't have any reason to flirt with him?

Dong Woon : Shouldn i tell junki that........??

Taeyeon : No!


In Junki Room..

Miss Yoona : JunKi.. * Bow*

JuNkI : yEA?

Miss Yoona : I Have a bad news for you..

JunKi : What's Now?

*Miss Yoona Give him newspaper*

"Are Lee JunKi From POPULAR Is Still In A Relationship with Tiffany Hwang?"

JunKi : Gosh! Again?

Miss Yoona : Yeah.. I Think Tomorrow reporter will come to ur school..

JunKi : School? Are that reporter stupid? I Can Run! yeah!

Miss Yoona : No U Should not do that.. I Can't help u urself.. Answer them..

JunKi : How if i find someone to pretend?

Miss Yoona : And it must be hard for you to find someone like that because all student on ur school know and love u.. who else that going to hate you..?

JunKi : Haizz...


At School..

Miss Yoona : Are u Ready?

JunKi : Emmmm..

JunKi Go To His Class.

JunKi : Gosh so many reporter.

Reporter : He's Here! Lee JuNkI!

JunKi : Morning..:)


Suddenly Taeyeon come and sit at her place.
Suddenly JunKi Remember Miss Yoona Word.
"And it must be hard for you to find someone like that because all student on ur school know and love u.. who else that going to hate you..?"

JunKi : Emmmm.. KIM TAEYEON!

Junki Hold taeyeon hand.

JunKi : She's my new girlfriend.! She's Mine! No Tiffany anymore!

Taeyeon Shock. 
Taeyeon : wHAT? Wwwhhhhaaattt???

Be Continued ^^

Sorry mY BAD ENGLISH..At Least u understand ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 3

Suddenly , Juyeon Come!

Juyeon : They are MUSICIAN!

Kwang : What? What? Tiuuuuuuuuuuutttttt~

*Gi Kwang Fainted*

Taeyeon : Yahh! Kwang arr? Cehh!

Juyeon : That's why they are popular!

Taeyeon : But from what group?

Juyeon : Ermmmm... Let me think!

*Suddenly Gi Kwang Wake Up*

Gi Kwang : Are I'm dreaming?

Taeyeon&JuYeon : No!

Gi Kwang : Ok!

*He fainted again*'

Juyeon : What's the problem with him?

Taeyeon : No Comment..== Faster! From what group?

Juyeon : POPULAR!

Taeyeon : But are not that group not together anymore..

Juyeon : Yeah! But they still a great singer..

Taeyeon : Who care.. They are same like monkey..

Juyeon : Start from tomorrow.. We need to become a good girl in front them okay?

Taeyeon : No..

Juyeon : Tae Arrrrr..* Puppy Eyes*

Taeyeon : Ok..Ok..


At the school..

Kwang : That is Them!

Juyeon : Shut Up! U No need to  scream!

Taeyeon : Cehh! That boy are just nothing..==

Juyeon : Let's go!


Miss Yoona (JunKi Assistant) : U Need to be careful.. Don't show off to much.. I Know u have many fans here.. but don't talk to them to much.. Ok?

Junki : Cehh.. What a stupid.

Dong Woon : Miss Yoona Is Right!

JunKi : Ok.. 

Miss Yoona : Don't fight with other student.. I Don't want u and that girl (Taeyeon) Go to principal room anymore. 

JunKi : Ohh..

In the class.. 

Sunny : Hey Girl! U Know.. There are new lipstick! That lipstick look like pen.. But when u open it! It was Lipstick!

Seohyun : Really? Arggghh! We can give that thing to teacher for Teacher's Day!

Sunny : Seohyun Argghh! We are the one that use that! So teacher will don't know that we bring make up to class!

Seohyun : O.o?

Miss SooYoung : Haiizzz! Sunny! Seohyun! Stop talking! I Think i really need to change sit place in this class! Yesterday I'll!


Rest Time..

Juyeon : Change the sit place because sunny and seohyun is talking?
                No Way!

Taeyeon : Haiizz.. I Hope i can sit with someone that good looking.

Gi Kwang : UR Class is soo poor.. Hahaha

Juyeon : Shut Up!

Suddenly , JunKi ,Dongwoon and Miss Yoona Come,

JunKi : Miss Yoona! Please? I Don't want to eat at the canteen!

Dong Woon : Me As well..

Miss Yoona : U Guys need to!

JunKi : But no place to sit..!~

Miss Yoona : Wait.. 

*Miss Yoona Go To Taeyeon place*

Miss Yoona : Hye , Can u let us sit here with u guys?

Taeyeon Smile.

Taeyeon : Sure Why Not..:))

And then , JunKi and Dong Woon Come..

Taeyeon Look At Them and..

Taeyeon & JunKi : YOU??!!??

JunKi : Haizzz.. I Don't want to sit here!

Miss Yoona : JunKi..?

JunKi : Ok..Ok!

Taeyeon :Cehh! Let's Go Guys!'

Juyeon : Tae Arrrrr! (With a soft voice*)

Taeyeon :  Hish!

Gi Kwang : Noona , Juyeon! I Need to go..!  *bOW*

Juyeon :Ara..!

The food come...

Taeyeon : Yeahhh!! Jeongmal Maseeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JunKi : Are u never eat before? hahahaha

Taeyeon : Yahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Miss Yoona : Sorry Taeyeon for JunKi bad word.

Taeyeon : Ceh!

Suddenly , JunKi got a problem..

JunKi : Where fork?spoon?

Taeyeon : Hahahahahahahaha.. Who ever teach u eat burger using that things... hahahaha

JunKi : Heyy! I'm eating kind of this thing more polite!

Taeyeon : What a polite ... hahahah Then don't eat.. Just waiting for your Fork! hahahaha

JunKi Leave the table..


In The class..

Miss SooYoung come..

,Miss Sooyoung : I Make a decision.. I'll change ur sit place today.. Ok Here we go..

Taeyeon : No Way?

Juyeon : Trouble , Trouble , Trouble~

*All student sit place already change*

Miss SooYoung : Who sit place still not change?

*Taeyeon and JunKi Raised their hand*

Miss SooYoung : Ohh? What a easy work.. Taeyeon and JuNkI Sit Together^^

TaeYeon& JunKi : No Way!!!!!!!

Be Continued ^^

Sorry for ma bad english.. At least u understand ^^

Monday, December 27, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 2

JunKi : Hey! I Heard what you say.. ! 

*Taeyeon Shock*

Taeyeon : Ohh really? who care? Haha~

Juyeon : Ohh! Really sorry! Promise that both of us not going to say kind of that thing anymore!

*And then one of that boy also looking at Taeyeon*

Dong Woon :There are fact from Scientists that tall people is even better than short people LIKE YOU! Because we tall people eat healthy food not like short people! Understand?

Taeyeon : Hey! What are you saying? I'm not short!

Juyeon : Ok..Ok..! Let's stop it!!

JunKi & Dongwoon : After this shorty stop!

*Taeyeon was really mad and suddenly.....Bang!!!!*

Juyeon : Taeng arrr!! What are you doing???

*Taeyeon punch Junki and Dong woon head*

Miss Yuri : What happen ?

JunKi : Teacher! This shorty punch our head!

Miss Yuri : OMG! Kim Taeyeon! What are you doing! Please act like a girl!
                    After my class let's go to principals room!!!!

Dong Woon : Kim Taeyeon? What a name.=="

Taeyeon : Yahhhh! SHut up! Do you want me to punch u again?????

Juyeon : Ok! Ok! Taeng arggghhh! Stop It!!!

In Front Principals Room..

Juyeon : Yahhhhh.. Are not u scared?

Taeyeon : I'm not scared! Not my fault at all..:P

*Suddenly Gi Kwang Come*

Kwang : OH oh!! Noona what happen!!!!??

Juyeon : Ur Noona Punch that *Popular students*

Kwang : Really? whooooaaaaaaaaa!

Taeyeon : Ok! I'll go in now..

Juyeon : Take care.. we will wait u here..


*Taeyeon go in..There are Junki and DongWoon THere*

Taeyeon : Cehh~

Miss Jessica : Ok Now what happen here?

*All of them just shut up*

Miss Jessica : What happen Taeyeon?

Taeyeon : I..I...Juu...s...t.. I Just angry..

JunKi : If U Angry u should not do that!

Miss Jessica : Do what Taeyeon? Tell me it's okay..:)

Taeyeon : I Punch JunKi and Dong Woon head..

Dong Woon : And it's still hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Jessica : Dong Woon! Talk nicely to Taeyeon!

Dong Woon : Sorry..=="

Miss Jessica : Why u do that? Kim Taeyeon?

Taeyeon : Both of them call me short..

Miss Jessica : JunKi...Dong Woon..?

JunKi : Because this girl just can't shut up her mouth! 

Miss Jessica : Ok Ok Stop! Both is wrong! You all can go now.. But remember.. If this thing happen again..I'll tell u guys to done something bad..:P

*Miss Jessica Smile *

snsd jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

Dong woon : Weirdo principals..

JunKi : Who?

Dong Woon : Miss Blonde~


Juyeon : Oh! What happen?????

Taeyeon : Nothing.. Don't ask me!

Kwang : Noona.. At home u tell me ok?

Juyeon : Yahh!! I Want to know too!

Kwang : Hisshhh! U Soo Busy Body..!

*And then Taeyeon Walk Away*

Juyeon : Taeng arrrr!!

Gi Kwang : Let's Go Follow her!!

*At the night , Juyeon alone at her house*

*She watch tv at she see something*

Juyeon : Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm Going Crazy!! Arggghh!!
               I'll call Taeng! Taeng!!


Taeyeon : Yobseyo?

*And then Juyeon Tell her everything*

Taeyeon : What!? Argghhhh! I Need a doctor right now!

*And then Gi Kwang come *

Gi Kwang : Noona Noona! What happen??

Taeyeon : Argggghhhh!!!!!!!

Gi Kwang : Wae????

Taeyeon : That..That Popular Student!!!

Gi Kwang : Why? Why?

Taeyeon : They..................................

Be Continued..^^

Sorry For my bad english. At least u understand..:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Like A Star .

Like A Star .

Lee JunKi


Lee Gi Kwang


Dong Woon

On the morning.. All of them go to school.. Taeyeon ,Gi Kwang and Juyeon (Neighbour)..
For the first time because that was new school..

Taeyeon : Wahhh! Really great! This school is really great!!

Gi Kwang : Whoaaaa Noona! I'm going to study hard!

Juyeon : Cehh! If this school ugly then u not going to study hard? Don't become stupid..:P

Gi Kwan : Arasso.. Hizz.. You are just the same like ur mother.. Bla Bla and Bla..!

Juyeon : Yahhhh!

Taeyeon :Kwang arr! Juyeon Ahhh! Don't fight!

Suddenly , All the girl student ran to a  black beautiful car.

Taeyeon : Oh..? Wae?

Juyeon : I'll take a look.. Wait..

After That.. Juyeon Blushing..

Gi Kwang : Hisshhh.. Why with you??

Taeyeon : Oh!! Why?

Juyeon : I Know them.. They are a popular student here..!!

Taeyeon: No way! This is new school ..How can already popular!

Gi Kwang : Wait.. I Think I See Them Somewhere.. Ermmmm.. Oh!!!!!!!!!

Juyeon : What What?

 Gi Kwang:Ermm.. No Idea..==

Taeyeon : Yahh! Don't be like this! Haizz!

Gi Kwang : Mianhae..

JuYeon : ;Let's go to class!!! Palli!!!


Taeyeon : Neomu Yeppuda! Our class is really cute!

Juyeon : Ohhhh!!! Let's sit there!

Taeyeon : Kwang Arr!! Take care of yourself..! Bye!

JuYeon : Ohh!Q Bye!

Gi Kwang : Arasso.. Annyeonggiheseoyo!


Taeyeon : I Want to sit here!!!!!!

Juyeon : Ermm! Yeah!! Love it!

Suddenly , Two boys come.. "The popular students"
Both of them sit infront Tae And Juyeon...

Juyeon : OmO! It's them!!!

Taeyeon : Haizzzz! What to do!

Juyeon : Ohghhh! Taengoo arr!! U Love them too?

Taeyeon : Aniyo!!!

Juyeon : So why u worried?

Taeyeon : They are Tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Can't see anything from here! Arrrrgggghhhhhh!

One Of that boy looking at TaeYeon.....

Be Continued..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a great day!

Today is great day...
Got Sad , Happy , Worried And...... Taeyeon day!!
Hhahahaha ..
I'll Start with happy? Or Sad? Or Maybe Worried? Of course no way. I Should start it with TAEYEON DAY! This is Taeyeon Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taeyeon Day - My Lovely Byuntaeng , Todayis Kkba Yul birthday! What u guys doing tae arrrrrr.. I Really want to knowA! Don't forget me.. Love my Taengoo!

Sad - Today i sad.. I Realised that i being rude to other people.., Including my ex unnie... Sometime i think that i was stupid.. Jeong mianhae too all people all over the world.. LOL Hahahahah

Happy - ByunTaeng! ByunTaeng! ByunTaeng! Hahahahahahha.... Today kkab yul birthday.. Taengoo arr.. always happy!!!

Worried - I Worried if i die and Taeyeon will sad if i didn't visit this blog.. LOL What a stupid me..

Yuri arrrA! Happy Birthday.. Hope u happy always!! Yurisistable hwaiting! Sones Hwaiting!

Hahahahahah... Teng Teng! You're my evrything to.. You're my evrything to me...~~~~
Taengoo love that song! U Should have more solo song! hahahahah!!
Tae Tae give me kiss i wamt to sleep already! PupU!!!