Monday, December 27, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 2

JunKi : Hey! I Heard what you say.. ! 

*Taeyeon Shock*

Taeyeon : Ohh really? who care? Haha~

Juyeon : Ohh! Really sorry! Promise that both of us not going to say kind of that thing anymore!

*And then one of that boy also looking at Taeyeon*

Dong Woon :There are fact from Scientists that tall people is even better than short people LIKE YOU! Because we tall people eat healthy food not like short people! Understand?

Taeyeon : Hey! What are you saying? I'm not short!

Juyeon : Ok..Ok..! Let's stop it!!

JunKi & Dongwoon : After this shorty stop!

*Taeyeon was really mad and suddenly.....Bang!!!!*

Juyeon : Taeng arrr!! What are you doing???

*Taeyeon punch Junki and Dong woon head*

Miss Yuri : What happen ?

JunKi : Teacher! This shorty punch our head!

Miss Yuri : OMG! Kim Taeyeon! What are you doing! Please act like a girl!
                    After my class let's go to principals room!!!!

Dong Woon : Kim Taeyeon? What a name.=="

Taeyeon : Yahhhh! SHut up! Do you want me to punch u again?????

Juyeon : Ok! Ok! Taeng arggghhh! Stop It!!!

In Front Principals Room..

Juyeon : Yahhhhh.. Are not u scared?

Taeyeon : I'm not scared! Not my fault at all..:P

*Suddenly Gi Kwang Come*

Kwang : OH oh!! Noona what happen!!!!??

Juyeon : Ur Noona Punch that *Popular students*

Kwang : Really? whooooaaaaaaaaa!

Taeyeon : Ok! I'll go in now..

Juyeon : Take care.. we will wait u here..


*Taeyeon go in..There are Junki and DongWoon THere*

Taeyeon : Cehh~

Miss Jessica : Ok Now what happen here?

*All of them just shut up*

Miss Jessica : What happen Taeyeon?

Taeyeon : I..I...Juu...s...t.. I Just angry..

JunKi : If U Angry u should not do that!

Miss Jessica : Do what Taeyeon? Tell me it's okay..:)

Taeyeon : I Punch JunKi and Dong Woon head..

Dong Woon : And it's still hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Jessica : Dong Woon! Talk nicely to Taeyeon!

Dong Woon : Sorry..=="

Miss Jessica : Why u do that? Kim Taeyeon?

Taeyeon : Both of them call me short..

Miss Jessica : JunKi...Dong Woon..?

JunKi : Because this girl just can't shut up her mouth! 

Miss Jessica : Ok Ok Stop! Both is wrong! You all can go now.. But remember.. If this thing happen again..I'll tell u guys to done something bad..:P

*Miss Jessica Smile *

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Dong woon : Weirdo principals..

JunKi : Who?

Dong Woon : Miss Blonde~


Juyeon : Oh! What happen?????

Taeyeon : Nothing.. Don't ask me!

Kwang : Noona.. At home u tell me ok?

Juyeon : Yahh!! I Want to know too!

Kwang : Hisshhh! U Soo Busy Body..!

*And then Taeyeon Walk Away*

Juyeon : Taeng arrrr!!

Gi Kwang : Let's Go Follow her!!

*At the night , Juyeon alone at her house*

*She watch tv at she see something*

Juyeon : Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm Going Crazy!! Arggghh!!
               I'll call Taeng! Taeng!!


Taeyeon : Yobseyo?

*And then Juyeon Tell her everything*

Taeyeon : What!? Argghhhh! I Need a doctor right now!

*And then Gi Kwang come *

Gi Kwang : Noona Noona! What happen??

Taeyeon : Argggghhhh!!!!!!!

Gi Kwang : Wae????

Taeyeon : That..That Popular Student!!!

Gi Kwang : Why? Why?

Taeyeon : They..................................

Be Continued..^^

Sorry For my bad english. At least u understand..:)