Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saddest thing.

There's nothing worse than loosing who you thought was your best friend . They just woke up one morning and decided they don't like you anymore and talked bad thing about you behind your back . Break promises and and fotget all those memories .Its truly sad especially when you did nothing on and its only misunderstanding . But nevermind , i'll stand where I belong . Just end it here , i'm tired of being nice.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

my all

i give my all

This is life.

Well , I don't really blame my life for what just happen . It is very silly to complain about it but I don't really care . I'm living my life but if you don't like it then what can I do ? Instead of complaining about it why don't you just meet me , face me and talk about it . You're the only one that feel that way . We're all fine and open minded so talk about it !! If you think you're right that don't be such coward talking behind me .  I waste my tears crying over someone like you . I waste everything !!?!??????????!!!!!!!!