Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thanks for not ruining my holiday

Oh well , I start hating to go school . More than before ! You know why ? People has start and issue between me and one new guy at our class . They said me and him are dating ( WTF ) . I don't know and I don't understand how could this happen and where the fuck they got idea that we're together . Maybe its start because during exam he sat next to me . But if that's the reason I'll probably slap all of those guys student who fucking started this . I never told him to sit next to me though . I can't even stop thinking about this . There's like A LOT of whore and slut in our class that should being paired up with him . I don't like him since the first time he came .He cause a lot of trouble , always throw paper plane . He is just...... not my fave .

Not only that , they also called me with his name . Are they blind ? Dude , I have my own name . I'm very sensitive right now . I get hurt easily by people's words . We're like stranger to each other . The weirdest thing is that all my close friend like Afirah , Puteri , Mira , Syakirah & ofc my beloved Pudding call me with his name too sometimes ........................................... Pudding also though I maybe love him a little bit . I told her I don't but then she said I may didn't feel it but she can see it . Unnie are you Harry Potter or something ==" I don't love him ! I DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE .LOVE LOVE HIM .

About the tittle " Thanks for not ruining my holiday " . That's for him . Not going to see him or hear his name or hear people CALLING me his name for 1 week ! SUCH A REALLY GOOD HOLIDAY <3 Thanks God :)

Dear you ,
Thanks for making my holiday fun because you're not around ! SUCH A REALLY PERFECT DAY BECAUSE I SPEND IT WITHOUT YOU !

Hello Mello !!

Hello readers !!! Its been a long time huh ? Sorry but I have been busy with school and freaking EXAM ! But its already done though . I know there must be a lot of couple that broke up right ? The girl or the boy excuse must be " I need to focus on my study " . I know it lol ! Don't worry , its not the end of the world . There still a lot of fish in the ocean :) Move on . It's a chapter in the past . But don't close the book , just turn the page . Oh well I actually don't deserve to give people advice . I'm not a nightmare buahaha .