Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Word.

Myself ,
Should I sleep ? or Should I just wake up ?
Should I continue dreaming ? Or should I just go back to the reality.

You know , there was a day ,when you talk to him. He was once the one who you think of everyday. The one who listens to you complaining about little things. The one who laughs with you . You talked to him everyday and you missed him so much when he wasn't around. Then he sang a lullaby to you so you fell asleep , or he wrote you a song , or maybe he sang you a pretty silly song that make you smile every time you think about it. 

And then there was a day when it was all like a dream and all of it completely lost from your sight. You and him are not like before. You have changed your  mind about something you are not sure . He was completely happy to have you , but its all gone with your last word. Then you start to think of why you did that . It was a great phone call when you suddenly think of something . You think you loves someone else . A great phone call had changed into a night mare to him after you said lets break up. Why would you do that ? You felt completely lost. 

Your life has changed. Part of your heart is gone ,gone with him. You hurt him with those last word . You want him back . You want his love back. Then you stop yourself , why would you do that ? You hurt him. You make him disappointed. You ruined his life. Then why did you think of coming back ? Shame on yourself. 

Then you heard that he still loves you. He thinks off you every night that he never ever forget you in his life. What do you say ? 

Then you realize you are between dream and reality . You get lost between what real and whats not. 

You are back together with him. You are happy once again. You finally gets his love back. He stills love you like he used to do. He calls you everyday and always write a song for you . You feel like the happiest girl in the world. He talks to you every day again . 
Then you realized that its just a DREAM. That will never happen. Never again.

You feel sad about everything. Every day you think of him . You want him back . But you don't want to hurt him twice. You love him, he is like the only one that stick to your hard. Every songs you listen reminds you of him. You live your life alone and thinking when will you completely let him go. To another girl , another girl that will replace you. Then you realized this is a REALITY. Its killing you completely inside. 

That last word , you never wish to say it again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drama is part of me.

Acting ,Singing, Dancing . Thats all you can think of when it comes to drama . Drama is fun ,everything about it is so perfect. Why ?

They make me escape from reality . Terrible reality . I might not be myself when acting . But the feeling is different, very different .
I am enjoying it . I am loving it. I am feeling it.
Why ? Because they are around . My BEST FRIENDS.
I might act as a different person ,run away from reality ,but one thing that never change ,I have THEM. No matter where I am ,who I am . They are still around .

The feeling of yes or no was inside . Should I join drama again this year ? Should I spread my wings and be someone else again this year ? Should I ? or Should I just leave it to anothet people ? Should I just give up this year ?

I stopped . I looked at my best friends. Yes or no ?
YES. Those feeling that I felt last year came back . The feeling of joy and sadness . The promise I made to win again this year . YES . I'm doing it. Why ?

Because the stage was made for us . For us to perform ,for us to do our best . This year is belong to us . I want to be on stage again and do it again . I want to do my best since its our last performance . There is no more next year to wait to it. Its this year . Its our year .

 I miss all of it. I miss the feeling of performing on stage . I miss the feeling of sadness and happiness. I want more , I want more of it and its happening this year . No one can stop us .

Thats it . I set my mind to " I will win this ". And we will . We will do the best of our best . We will , nobody can beat us ,all eyes will be on us . I promise .

The Story Of Us. Thats what I call it. Its about us . It will be our last ,I dont know if we can meet again another year ,so let this year be our year . I dont care what the other will say about us , I dont care if the other think we are dreaming to much of winning . I dont care. Because when we win soon , smile will be on their face , or maybe JEALOUSLY. God knows.

I get them back . The feeling , the feeling of wanting to perform on stage . The feeling of listening all those background music we choose being played. The feeling when you dance to those fun song and the feeling when you practice. God ,that feeling has come and please let it stay .

We will win for the first time this year.