Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 3

Suddenly , Juyeon Come!

Juyeon : They are MUSICIAN!

Kwang : What? What? Tiuuuuuuuuuuutttttt~

*Gi Kwang Fainted*

Taeyeon : Yahh! Kwang arr? Cehh!

Juyeon : That's why they are popular!

Taeyeon : But from what group?

Juyeon : Ermmmm... Let me think!

*Suddenly Gi Kwang Wake Up*

Gi Kwang : Are I'm dreaming?

Taeyeon&JuYeon : No!

Gi Kwang : Ok!

*He fainted again*'

Juyeon : What's the problem with him?

Taeyeon : No Comment..== Faster! From what group?

Juyeon : POPULAR!

Taeyeon : But are not that group not together anymore..

Juyeon : Yeah! But they still a great singer..

Taeyeon : Who care.. They are same like monkey..

Juyeon : Start from tomorrow.. We need to become a good girl in front them okay?

Taeyeon : No..

Juyeon : Tae Arrrrr..* Puppy Eyes*

Taeyeon : Ok..Ok..


At the school..

Kwang : That is Them!

Juyeon : Shut Up! U No need to  scream!

Taeyeon : Cehh! That boy are just nothing..==

Juyeon : Let's go!


Miss Yoona (JunKi Assistant) : U Need to be careful.. Don't show off to much.. I Know u have many fans here.. but don't talk to them to much.. Ok?

Junki : Cehh.. What a stupid.

Dong Woon : Miss Yoona Is Right!

JunKi : Ok.. 

Miss Yoona : Don't fight with other student.. I Don't want u and that girl (Taeyeon) Go to principal room anymore. 

JunKi : Ohh..

In the class.. 

Sunny : Hey Girl! U Know.. There are new lipstick! That lipstick look like pen.. But when u open it! It was Lipstick!

Seohyun : Really? Arggghh! We can give that thing to teacher for Teacher's Day!

Sunny : Seohyun Argghh! We are the one that use that! So teacher will don't know that we bring make up to class!

Seohyun : O.o?

Miss SooYoung : Haiizzz! Sunny! Seohyun! Stop talking! I Think i really need to change sit place in this class! Yesterday I'll!


Rest Time..

Juyeon : Change the sit place because sunny and seohyun is talking?
                No Way!

Taeyeon : Haiizz.. I Hope i can sit with someone that good looking.

Gi Kwang : UR Class is soo poor.. Hahaha

Juyeon : Shut Up!

Suddenly , JunKi ,Dongwoon and Miss Yoona Come,

JunKi : Miss Yoona! Please? I Don't want to eat at the canteen!

Dong Woon : Me As well..

Miss Yoona : U Guys need to!

JunKi : But no place to sit..!~

Miss Yoona : Wait.. 

*Miss Yoona Go To Taeyeon place*

Miss Yoona : Hye , Can u let us sit here with u guys?

Taeyeon Smile.

Taeyeon : Sure Why Not..:))

And then , JunKi and Dong Woon Come..

Taeyeon Look At Them and..

Taeyeon & JunKi : YOU??!!??

JunKi : Haizzz.. I Don't want to sit here!

Miss Yoona : JunKi..?

JunKi : Ok..Ok!

Taeyeon :Cehh! Let's Go Guys!'

Juyeon : Tae Arrrrr! (With a soft voice*)

Taeyeon :  Hish!

Gi Kwang : Noona , Juyeon! I Need to go..!  *bOW*

Juyeon :Ara..!

The food come...

Taeyeon : Yeahhh!! Jeongmal Maseeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JunKi : Are u never eat before? hahahaha

Taeyeon : Yahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Miss Yoona : Sorry Taeyeon for JunKi bad word.

Taeyeon : Ceh!

Suddenly , JunKi got a problem..

JunKi : Where fork?spoon?

Taeyeon : Hahahahahahahaha.. Who ever teach u eat burger using that things... hahahaha

JunKi : Heyy! I'm eating kind of this thing more polite!

Taeyeon : What a polite ... hahahah Then don't eat.. Just waiting for your Fork! hahahaha

JunKi Leave the table..


In The class..

Miss SooYoung come..

,Miss Sooyoung : I Make a decision.. I'll change ur sit place today.. Ok Here we go..

Taeyeon : No Way?

Juyeon : Trouble , Trouble , Trouble~

*All student sit place already change*

Miss SooYoung : Who sit place still not change?

*Taeyeon and JunKi Raised their hand*

Miss SooYoung : Ohh? What a easy work.. Taeyeon and JuNkI Sit Together^^

TaeYeon& JunKi : No Way!!!!!!!

Be Continued ^^

Sorry for ma bad english.. At least u understand ^^