Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a great day!

Today is great day...
Got Sad , Happy , Worried And...... Taeyeon day!!
Hhahahaha ..
I'll Start with happy? Or Sad? Or Maybe Worried? Of course no way. I Should start it with TAEYEON DAY! This is Taeyeon Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taeyeon Day - My Lovely Byuntaeng , Todayis Kkba Yul birthday! What u guys doing tae arrrrrr.. I Really want to knowA! Don't forget me.. Love my Taengoo!

Sad - Today i sad.. I Realised that i being rude to other people.., Including my ex unnie... Sometime i think that i was stupid.. Jeong mianhae too all people all over the world.. LOL Hahahahah

Happy - ByunTaeng! ByunTaeng! ByunTaeng! Hahahahahahha.... Today kkab yul birthday.. Taengoo arr.. always happy!!!

Worried - I Worried if i die and Taeyeon will sad if i didn't visit this blog.. LOL What a stupid me..

Yuri arrrA! Happy Birthday.. Hope u happy always!! Yurisistable hwaiting! Sones Hwaiting!

Hahahahahah... Teng Teng! You're my evrything to.. You're my evrything to me...~~~~
Taengoo love that song! U Should have more solo song! hahahahah!!
Tae Tae give me kiss i wamt to sleep already! PupU!!!