Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like A Star . Episode 4

*Taeyeon go to Supermarket*

Taeyeon : Wahhh! My Favourite icecream! Just one left! Take it fast yeahhhhh!!!

*But when Taeyeon Take it..There are someone that do the same too*

Taeyeon : I Want It!

*Taeyeon look at that people*

Taeyeon & DongWoon : You?!!?

DongWoon : Hahaha..We meet again ya.. 

Taeyeon : Ohh.. You Dong Woon..

Dong Woon : You Want This Icecream?

Taeyeon : Yeahhhhh! Really2 want!

Dong Woon : Sure , But ....

Taeyeon : What?

DongWoon : Let's go to park and eat ice cream with me?

Taeyeon : Eat this ice cream together?

Dong Woon : No.. Hahah I'll buy another one.. Ok?

Taeyeon : Ohhh..... But Don't bring...TroubleJun?

Dong Woon : TroubleJun?

Taeyeon : I Mean JunKi..

Dong Woon : Hahah.. Sure.. Why i want to bring him on our first date.. hahaha

Taeyeon : Date?


They are in the Park.

Taeyeon : Can I Ask you one thing?

Dong Woon : Sure:)

Taeyeon : Ok.. Why u said we date? Why u kind to me? Are not u hate me? Are not u JunKi Friend?

DongWoon : Hey Wait :: I Though u going to ask just "ONE" Thing? hahaha

Taeyeon : Oppsss Sorry...

Dong Woon : It's okay.. I'm just joking about the DATE Thing.. Don't take it seriously.. Kind? I'm really kind u know.. haha.. Just that i want to answer.. haha 

Taeyeon : Ohh...just that? ok..ok

Dong Woon : Ermm.. Btw what is TroubleJun?

Taeyeon : Hahaha.,.. That was nickname that i made for him.. hahah

Dong Woon : Hahah really? Make me one too?

Taeyeon : Ermm.... LiarDong?

DongWoon : Liar? No Way?

Taeyeon : Yes way.. hahahaha Because i still don't know u good or not.. 

DongWoon : Ok..! But change it when u know me already ok?

Taeyeon : OK.. 

DongWoon : I'll give you WeirdoTae as a nickname..

Taeyeon: But why?

Dong Woon : U Sit With JunKi is it? Many people like him but u trying to run from him.. i think u know that he is musician.

Taeyeon : Yeah... I Know it.. But.. I Don't know.. Nothing nice with him.. so i don't have any reason to flirt with him?

Dong Woon : Shouldn i tell junki that........??

Taeyeon : No!


In Junki Room..

Miss Yoona : JunKi.. * Bow*

JuNkI : yEA?

Miss Yoona : I Have a bad news for you..

JunKi : What's Now?

*Miss Yoona Give him newspaper*

"Are Lee JunKi From POPULAR Is Still In A Relationship with Tiffany Hwang?"

JunKi : Gosh! Again?

Miss Yoona : Yeah.. I Think Tomorrow reporter will come to ur school..

JunKi : School? Are that reporter stupid? I Can Run! yeah!

Miss Yoona : No U Should not do that.. I Can't help u urself.. Answer them..

JunKi : How if i find someone to pretend?

Miss Yoona : And it must be hard for you to find someone like that because all student on ur school know and love u.. who else that going to hate you..?

JunKi : Haizz...


At School..

Miss Yoona : Are u Ready?

JunKi : Emmmm..

JunKi Go To His Class.

JunKi : Gosh so many reporter.

Reporter : He's Here! Lee JuNkI!

JunKi : Morning..:)


Suddenly Taeyeon come and sit at her place.
Suddenly JunKi Remember Miss Yoona Word.
"And it must be hard for you to find someone like that because all student on ur school know and love u.. who else that going to hate you..?"

JunKi : Emmmm.. KIM TAEYEON!

Junki Hold taeyeon hand.

JunKi : She's my new girlfriend.! She's Mine! No Tiffany anymore!

Taeyeon Shock. 
Taeyeon : wHAT? Wwwhhhhaaattt???

Be Continued ^^

Sorry mY BAD ENGLISH..At Least u understand ^^