Monday, November 21, 2011

New Design !

Finally Taengoo ya !~ I already design this blog again . Fuh lucky i'm not lazy this kind of day . Just kinda bored . It's school holiday ! Sound fun ? I hope so ! I hope you like it ~

Well , My day was fine but maybe school day is more better ? Ahhh I'm just kinda  bored .
Btw , My mathematics teacher which is also my favourite teacher is going to moved to another place . I'm sad , he teach us Mathematics well . He gain my interested on Mathematics . He's the one who make me didn't fail Mathematics this year . Will I still do well when he's not around to teach us . Yeah he look scary but I just love him . I know the other student like him too :) I hope he stay healthy at his new place . I hope He didn't forget about us here. I hope I can meet him on another day on the future . Thanks for all your care and love ! You'll always be my best teacher :)

Ok Taeng , I want to sleep now . My mother already yelling at me :) Haha Annyeong Jumuseyeo Taeng ahhhh !!

Sweet Dreams !~