Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taenguu Mianhae :(

Taeyeon arr! Mianhae! I can't protect you :)
I hope you are in a good condition now..;)
I'll kill those stupid man! What the hell is he doing to you! He lost his mind! Stupid! Yahhh! Omo! Really! That man is crazy! Ugly ! Don't try to touch my angel! YOu better die cuz you just done a big mistake! Ulseo!

It's okaY Taeng ::) DOn't worry .. you ok now =)

Tell Sunny that I say thanks to her for everything..:) SHe's really brave :)

Taeng>::) 2morrow is Jessie birthday right? So , have fun.. Don't be sad.. :)
Just forgot everything that ever happen.

Someone always told me this and I always make it as advice for my life :)
"Yesterday is a History , Today is a Hystery and Tomorrow is a Mystery :)
Am I right? I think soo :P

Stay happy taeng!!! Taek care Happy always! Sones always here for you! HwaiTaeng!!!!!!!!!