Friday, October 28, 2011

Am I right ? Exam was over !

Dear Taeyeon ,
Ok well , exam was over ! Talking about this , I'm a bit worried about my marks . I think it's going  down and my parent would kick my ass ==" Some of them were hard EVEN if you study HARD . 
I did study hard ! But still hard . BM was quiet easy to me but I never expect for a great marks . PI ........ disappointed me a lot . Taeng ......... I want to get A . English was quiet easy on paper 1 but it's killing me during paper 2 . My hope is Section A and then other is killing me . Ok what's next ? ermm Science ! OMG Paper 1 is killing me off ! But paper 2 was fine . :D and the other subjects ? I don't want to talk about it . Gonna be fuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii down ~

Ok . Today I fight with someone . Fight ? No , no ... Not a right
words . Whatever . He HURT me . Asking me WEIRD things . I can't stand with that . Enough == You're killin me seriously . Taking a risk , I told him I want to stop talking with him . I would like to relax myself first . Whenever I'm ready , I'll talk to you again or..... never ? He refuse , said that said this . But my mind won't change , enough .

Ok now because of that I start to feel bad . Pity him . But , hissshhhhhhhh  I had no more choice . I know I should forgive him . Yeah I should . I really really really feel bad .  What can I do Taeng-ah ~~~
He's actually a nice boy . I would like to have him as my friend again .

Taeng , what do you think about me making fanfic again ? I would like to do that ! Kinda lazy ~~~ I'll try <3 :)