Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its' me! Why u really busy body? Can You HEAR ME?

I really can't understand why u have to be a busy body girl!
U Also a copycats! U keep copying what I Do! Don't u have something to do? Stop copy what I do! When I do that.. U Want also! 
U Also busyBody! When I Like korea.. U Say.."Eww..They are gay"
Gay or not It's not even my problem! I like them as a idol..I Didn't even want to married them.. and then say i lesbian because i like some of girl group? wHAT THE PROBLEM WITH YOU? I Like girl group or not didn't even ur problem! Saying people gAy then u also gay with ur JUSTIN BIEBER!  Holy Shit!
Can u stop be like that? And i feel so weird also.. Why u care about me? Mind ur own bussiness.. Are not it's great??