Monday, November 29, 2010


My Lovely ByunTaeng , 

I Don't know how.. But seems like everyone know my blog..=)
When someone add me at facebook.. Tahy will said.."Thanks for the accept.. I Love reading your blog".. It's like my blog is everywhere..=)
I'm Happy.. I <3 This!! Everyone love my blog..It's make me really happy..=)
Btw Taeng arr... So sorry because today i didn't write anything here..

I Don't know what to write.. And i'm sick of what happen to me..
Be admin is not a great thing when other people going to help..
First , I though be admin is great.. But sometimes it's not..
Sometimes.. Just because of this i'm crying..
I Wonder why someone just saying something without thinking what other people feelings?
I Feel so sad with human like this.. 
I Was trying my best to be the best.
But other people like tooo playing around with evrything that i do..
Nobody say thanks when i help them..=(
m so sad..
Seriously.. I Also don't want when people always want me to do that and that.. I'm not 
robot.. I'm still human that have feelings.. I know how to hurt..=))

Right ByunTaeng?