Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sorry My ByunTaeng!

Sorry ByunTaang!
My PC Got probs today.. So I can post anything here.. Don't worry I'm sooo Worried about you in this blog too.. I Hope u forgive me.. You know.... Today Is my bad day again... I'm so bored.. My mum keep angry with me..=(
I lost ur picture too.. At the last.. I meet u under my bed.. And then.. My room is really messy. My mum come and want me to clean the room.. Or.. My mum will never let me play PC Again.. I'm worreid that i'll never meet My Byuntaeng anymore.. Today i Go to shop then i buy 5 Frame.. At home.. I put ur picture there ! U Are everywhere now.. Are u happy Byuntaeng?
Well My mood change when i See you evrywhere.. :))))
Today.. I CAn't watch KJE Choco because My mother is watching tv.. :((
Btw Taeng..:) Are u ok there? I Hope u always happy.. I Promise I'll always make this bolg look pretty and happy.. And when people visit my blog.. People can see that my Taeng is evrywhere!!