Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Is Me..=)

I'm Taegang Unite,:)
My favourite food Is food that delicious to eat of course.. haha I don't know who want to eat some food that not taste like food.. LOL

hahah... My favourite book is.. Ermmm. Well I read all book.. But that book should be great to READ. I'm not going to read stupid book that talking nonsense. Well before this I Love Novel so much.. No matter how thick that novel.. I Always read it..=) But i have to take many exam at the same times.. And then.. I Start think trhat Novel is boring.. And too Boring~ When I Read unitl page 2.. I boring already..
What i think about people that like to lie and really 'sombong"?
Well.. There are nothing..=)
haahahahahah.. Don't u think it's stupid? U born to have fun and of course have many friends.. but u done something stupid so funny..

-ByunTaeng Is My Ice Cream-